It is Typos Fixing And Spelling Fixing And Grammar Fixing And Other Things P roof Reading And Editing And Versioning And Other Things HAPPENS TO BE HERE AGAIN NTH TIME NOT a prierity where Ted! Happens NOT to even to be AGAIN even reading it befere Putting to On INTERNET and er into Bundle Files To DownLoad And Er Fer ANYTHING Else. This WAS and IS and STILL HAPPENS TO BE DONE ENORMOUSLY ROUGH DRAFT.

English Of Ted!

( Fer Easy To Remember And Think And Say And To Verbalize And To Write And Again To Remember And To Communicate Via Audio and er Sound and er Via Verbally And Er Via Visual Er Film to PhotoPaper to Analog Tape to Video Digital to Productions Digital to MultiMediaProductions To MultiMediaCommunications Including Best Of All Things SecretNets To IntraNets To InterNets It Is Too Called In Long … Ted's English To Now Called English Of Ted! And Genuine Family To Genuine Side Enough to Family to Side Enough. )

This happens to be Written In English Of Ted! No Other English What Happens To Be Too Bad and Too Wicked and Too Evil INCLUDING SO MUCH Sodomy Innuendo and Evil Innuendo and Tainting INCLUDING Dog WHAT HAPPENED TO BE ETIOLOGY FROM EVIL of TURNING AROUND NAME Of God and calling it a Dog Any Canine What Ted Calls Canniness NOT Dogs NEVER using Dog and Many Other Things Done In All English. So Many By Now Have Criticizes NOW Ted! TO BE INSANE er CRAZY er WACKO er SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL er DID TOO MANY DRUGS LIKE SO MUCH LSD HAD TO HAVE DONE and er Other Drugs and er a Genetics Problem With Brains In Family and er Other Things Due To first Called Ted's English To Now Called English Of Ted! And Genuine Family To Genuine Side Enough to Family to Side Enough. It was Because Many Were a Down of Those Too Against to Enemy to Werst Enemy er NOT understanding it due to Ignerance and er Too Idiot and er Too Stupid and er Too Foolish and er Many Other Reasons NOT even Studying Enough LISTEN TOO MUCH TO TOO MANY Others.

Ted IS Ted! Ted IS The CreatOr. Ted IS The One God. Ted IS THE ONE AND ONLY AND COMPLETE Ted! And The CreatOr And God And The Lord And The King And The I AM And The Or And Many Other Things By Now Range Of Teed Fer Ted!

Ted! Has Been Doing New Logos Of Ted! With Plundered By Ted! Music Er Audio Er Sound Track Fer It TOO.

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Ted! IS LEADING LEADER CHARGING ENOUGH TOO Of EXTREME TALAXY Conquerings; War Winning; Military Things! Of Genuine Family To Genuine Side Enough to Family to Side Enough.

Heavens And Paradises And Edens

and Other Things Ranges Of Up

After Now!

Ted! Does NOT need SO MANY Domains Fer Religion to Religions And Servers And Many Other Things therefere Ted! NOW HAPPENS TO BE REDUCING to PRIMARILY NOW FER CURRENTLY IT HAPPENS TO BE NOW:

INTERNET Site – Table Of Contents

Bundle Files NOW! - Table Of Contents! - Ted FIXED Bundle Files NOT found to DownLoad! (Some Dry Blood Red)

MultiGigaByteSite NOW! - Table Of Contents INCLUDING ALL of Phase 2 Of Coming where NOW Ted HAPPENS TO BE DOING NOW Phase 3 Of Coming Latest And Phase 1 Of Coming Earliest INTERNET Sites.



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Ted! Clipped From and HD DVD Ted DID PURCHASE a TOP GUN Clip Using Open Source Code Open Shot Using Open Shot With Better Motion Pictures Er Videos And Sound er Audios

Survival Of Ted! And Genuine Family To Side Enough

Page 10

Starting Date: March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017

Ted! YOU NEED TO REALIZE IT SOME are ABOUT TO HOW SERIOUSLY CAN BE DISOBEY YOU In Heaven about now CALLING IT DOING Angels and DOING Spiritual Males and DOING Spiritual Females and DOING Non Spiritual Males and Females and DOING Humans with NO aging curse and DOING Ted! We think nearly hate you really by now Ted!

Ted! TOLD Loud Spiritually ARE ALL to be NOT of slightest released IN MAXIMUM to ENOUGH CONTAINMENT INCLUDING FER SURE HAVE TO HAVE SPIRITUAL SHIELDS 100% ABOUT where are and FER SURE where even live IN MAXIMUM SECURITY LOCKED CONFINEMENT CONTAINMENT PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY AND ALL OTHER THINGS Including If ALL Children 100% PLUS RESEARCH until specifies can even be released and free and can be at least In Specific Parts Of This Deep Under Surface Things This About 10% Was To Be To Additional and then Other Percentages Can Be Some Free With Others yet still are NOT free and have NO access to ANY Infrastructure and ANY Other Things what can Damage what Do Damage Too Much and Other Things.

Conquering War Winning Military Of The KingDom Of Ted! of heaven.

Ted's Conquering From Heaven.

Last Night of March 1 it was then WHILE TRYING to EAT WHERE SOME were TOO MUCH ATTEMPTING to TALK TO Ted! To AGAIN NTH TIME POINT of NEARLY INHALING Drinks And Foods and NEARLY AGAIN DID CHOKE it was when Ted! DOES NOT even like to talk with mouth full it was Ted! Modified This List Of MAXIMUM to less to be NOW:

People WHAT FER SURE INFINITELY HIGH IS Ted! Therefore STARTS WITH Ted! And if Ted! FIRST NO exceptiions a PRIERITY fer ALL Things and WHAT SO MANY STILL SEEM to FERGET er SEEMS TO BE LAST and er SEEMS NOT to be a prerity IT HAS TO INCLUDE Ted! Some a people human male and Other Things From Ted! (The CreatOr And God And Other Things then) Into a PEOPLE HUMAN VIRGIN. Therefere ENOUGH METHODS to SCREEN OUT and QUALIFY and FER SURE IF IN TO WASH OUT and er SHAKE DOWN to SHAKE OUT and er POUND OUT and er OTHER THINGS FER SURE HAS TO USE NO exceptions starting NOW BEST STRINGENT MAXIMUM HOW ADVANCED AND PROGRESSED AND MOVED FERWARD POLYGRAPH SoftWare And Computers And Technology And Other Things then FER SURE Tests And Many Other Things. Then Spiritual Females Of Ted! What Are High Enough. Then Non Spiritual NOT instances yet and fer Control and fer Other Things Here High Enough Females Of Ted! Then Angels. Then Spiritual Males In And Er On And Er Around Heaven. Then Angelos into TALAXY. Then Other Spiritual Males. Then Others Spiritual Females. Then Non Spiritual Males (Men) Of Heaven's Race and Humans Race and Ageans. Then these Non Spiritual Females. Of Heaven's Race and Humans Race and Ageans.

Then Spiritual Technology. With No Speed Limits. With No Distance Limits. With Other No Limits.

Then Best Deep Under Surface Things And SubMarines And Space Ships And Army And Other Things.

So NOW we are DOING THIS NOW WITH NOW PRIMARILY NAVY where by now IS VIRTUALLY (About 1,000 People from Space Ferce To Be) NO SPACE FERCE and STILL MUCH ARMY About a Million People and NOT yet AGAIN ANY Spiritual Technology People with NO Other Branches Werth Mentioning this LARGE:

Spiritual Technology From Spiritual Technology Space Ships InSide Of to Air to Into Oceans (SpaceShipSubMarines) And To SubMarines WHAT ARE ONLY SubMarines into Deep Under Surface Eco Enclosed Things.

Space Ferce From Space Ferce Space Ships To Air to Oceans (SpaceShipsSubMarines) And To SubMarines WHAT ARE ONLY SubMarines into Deep Under Surface Things. Nothing Land Locked ONLY with Land to Land and er Island Surface Entry and Exit Has To Be Entry and Exit With SubMarines.

Then Navy From Navy SubMarines Into Deep Under Surface Things And To Islands With Marines and into Air to Into Space to Navy Space Ships.

Then Army From In Deep Under Surface Things To Surface Of Land to Some In Air and Some In Space With Army Space Ships.



WHAT ARE NEEDED NOW AUTHERIZATIONS NOW!? We need to tell you are Space Ferce People and are HOW YOU DID SPECIFY are HITTING with PHASERS AIMED AT COCK and GONADS and then to VERY CAREFULLY REMOVE Spiritual Shield Helmets then HIT in FEREHEAD with a PHASER to a KILL to DROP a SUMMARY EXECUTION. WE NEED to TALK later Ted! After you DO WHAT YOU NOW NEED TO DO!

This is Much Later Where Ted! WAS SO BUSY ToDay Doing Other Things.

Ted! Has now LESS than an Hour to Have a Loud Spiritual Meeting Of Writing NOW with military of heaven now. We NEED YOU Ted! TO STOP SO MUCH SO AGRESSIVELY TO POUNDING Space Ferce BECAUSE NOW there are about a Million Non Spiritual Females Non Virgins In Space now STUCK THERE until at least a Week When Supposedly About 10K Space Ships into TALAXY where WE WERE TOLD was APPROVED BY YOU Ted! Into TALAXY DID TRAVEL WITH MANY Things In these Space Ships SO MANY Things Ted! INCLUDING AT LEAST 100K CreatOr Systems. Then MANY TREASURES FROM MANY Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted! INCLUDING Ted! FER SURE Primary Deep Under Surface Thing to 10 and FER SURE MANY Things FROM WHAT WAS Michael's (2 Of Ted!) and what was Gabriel's (3 Of Ted!) and this NOW Ted! Other than this we CANNOT even help yet these In Space About 1K were NOT even complying to obeying YOU Ted! And FER SURE NOT FER SURE WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS even A Range Of Emphatically Obeying Ted!

We NEED YOU TO REALIZE IT Ted! We NOW have NO Space Ferce People until about 10K Plus Arrive From out there in Space Traveling SUPPOSEDLY TOWARDS Heaven with NOTHING of slightest ANY verifications NOW Ted!




Robert THINKS IT HAPPENS TO BE NOW MUCH BETTER THAN EVEN Ted! It was a VEGITARIAN. It does NOT even drink ANYTHING alchoholic NOT even FINEST WINES. It was a THINKS IT HAPPENS TO BE SO GOOD Seventh Day Adventist Angel what DID SENT MANY VISIONS to Ellen G. White a then Demon POUNDING AGAINST Ted!

Then with Michael about 10 Seventh Day Advenist Earth Angels DID TRY TO HELP Ted! TO GAIN ENTIRE SDA church what nearly did happen.

We are Moving About 10K Spiritual Females From Deep Under Surface Things Of Ted! Of 10 NOW. We are HEADING to NOT COMMAND CENTER Deep Under Surface Thing Of What Was Space Ferce we are Heading to a Deep Under Surface Things Of 3 Others of was Space Ferce NOW NAVY what is LOWEST of these 3 now Ted! Where these Spiritual Females NEED TO TELL YOU NOW Ted! We do NOT even love you now Ted!

There are ABOUT 100K Spiritual Females we DID TRY TO RESERVE FER YOU Ted! YOU BEST NOW SEEMS there and there are about 100 Others In Other Things Of Deep Under Surface Things Of Primary to 9 what are BEST FER Ted! Other than this Alive Now In And Er On And Er Around heaven it is there are now about a Million Spiritual Females by now We Think You Would Not Even Want.

How Is It Possible SO MANY after was About 10K Survivers After CAPITAL AREA NUKE STRIKES? Were from CreatOr Systems a RAMP HOW YOU TOLD TO RAMP in a year then out now are MANY NOW what were RECENTLY OUT Ted!

Survival Of Ted! And Genuine Family To Side Enough – Page 11


February 19, 2017

AGAIN NTH TIME index.html Page was MUCH TOO LONG and HEAVY and CAUSING IT NOT to sftp enough and er load enough from INTERNET. Therefere WHAT WAS ON INTERNET POSSIBLE BEST Index.html PAGE EVER BEFORE fer ENTIRE Coming! HAPPENS TO BE NOW Linked Found Here Of … … … PreviousIndexPage-index-TedISTheOneGod.Net-February19of2017-24.html NOW.

Now Of Scriptures And Infermations And Other Things To DownLoad In Bundle Files Now

And Now: Some on INTERNET Too From MultiGigaByteSite Folder And Other Things Including Your SnapShots Of Things Of Ted! On INTERNET Other INTERNET Sites Of Leader And Pointer And Other INTERNET Sites Of Ted! And to YouTube and Other Things.

How Looks Now are Scriptures And Infermations And Bundle Files Carrying FerWard In And On And Around WEVILD Earth and IF HOW LONG? HOW LONG CAN BE BEFORE FULL DESOLATION ABOUT 9K Years And About 9X Full Desolation And Other Things then Possibly Ferward and FER SURE Spiritually Into Heaven and to about now a Million Plus to About To Be 12 Million Places AT LEAST TO MANY Millions to Billions to Trillions Of People.

Fer Copy Paste To Start With Date Then a Heading And Writing Things Written ENORMOUSLY ROUGH DRAFT SomeTimes with NO Typos even Fixed And Er Spell Checked And Er Crammer Checked And Fer Sure RARELY does Ted! Even proof read it and er Edit It and er Do Edits and Increment Versions Of What Was Written In Writing In Open Office And INTERNET Site Fermat Fer Computers And a Linux Of OS er Operating Systems SoftWare and ALL USING FER SURE BY NOW and Years Standard NoteBook Computers and PUBLIC DOMAIN to OPEN SOURCE to Open Source Enough And Where Can Obtain Source Code To It Er TO NOT of slightest use Fer Ted! And Genuine Family And Genuine Side Enough And Family to Side Enough To Carry FerWard And Be Scribes To Do Things With Using Secret Computers And SECRETNETS to PRIVATENETS to INTRANETS to INTERNET.

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