About TedISTheOneGod.Net – THE TEMPLE Of Ted!

This happens to be THE TEMPLE Of Ted!

This happens to be an OnInternet OnLine Digital NOT a Physical Temple NOT a Virtual Temple (Virtual – in effect and not in fact) it happens to be NOT a Virtual Temple a REAL SERIOUS ACTUAL Temple WHAT HAPPENS TO BE ACTUALLY NOW THE TEMPLE Of Ted! with NO Other Temples Of Ted! Done By Ted!

Ted! HAPPENS TO BE On InterNet NOT even using ANY Telephones (Land Lines Wires) and er Other Methods )MicroWaves) and er Cell Phones to Smart Phones Wilreless With Repeaters to From Satellites and From Air and er Space.  We are NOT USING ANY Telephones and er FAX and er Telex and er Physical Mail and er Packages and er SnailMail WE USE EMail and are EMail Erientation and Primarily Use InterNet And EMail And Other Things On InterNet.

Where You Can Pay TIthes And Er Offerings and er Donations.   Even if  you are Startin Up to Part of another Start Up Religion Of Ted! Enough You Are To Pay Here At Least 10% Tithes Of Gross Income.   It Is In Judaism and er Christianity and er Muslim Religion and er ANY Other Religion DOES NOT count.