Ted R. Kurts has given the USA many ideas that have helped them and will help them enormously that these never saw and some still do not see and some will never see.  


Ted R. Kurts has many solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Drugs.  


Do you realize that the Genetic Altering of Humans and Biotech are getting done when these do not understand how to make the tiniest living thing from scratch! 

This is the OFFICIAL site for Ted R. Kurts for President of the United States of America.  

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Ted has visionary and breakthrough and refreshing ideas and approaches and solutions and leadership qualities that can propel the USA forward and Ted does see things that others that are running and in office do not see.  Ted R. Kurts for President of the USA Overview 


Ted was and is a patriot that served the United States of America for many years when founder and president and CEO of a software company called Quest Systems that supplied the USA.  

Ted R. Kurts has provided the idea and detailed specifications to the USA for free for a defensive system that can protect millions of US Citizens from ALL Nuclear Attacks and ALL Biological Attacks and ALL Chemical Attacks and ALL Conventional Weapons Attacks and International and Domestic Terrorism and Jet Airliner Attacks and also Asteroids that are not too large and more.  This will also be SECURE from Hurricanes and Twisters and Tornadoes. This will also be SECURE from Hailstones and Lightening and Storms and Bad Weather and Weather.  This will also be PROTECTED from Floods and this is an ENORMOUS BREAKTHROUGH IDEA that the USA did not have in the slightest including in the idea stage or on any drawing board.  



Ted R. Kurts for President of the USA 

This is a time in the history for the United States of America and for all Earth of the most enormous peril and trouble and threats that this has faced in its entire history and it will take Ted R. Kurts to solve these problems for the USA.  

This in the entire history of the United States of America is the most critical time in their history and Ted R. Kurts does understand this fully and has many solutions to take the USA through these times and into the future.  

Ted is not trying to brag and it is that Ted is a creative genius and is very intelligent creatively and also gets much help in prayer and has many solutions for the USA currently and will have many more in the future.  


Ted R. Kurts  is agreeing that this internet site because this is a political work should be and is and is to remain in the public domain and be royalty free and is legally unencumbered and has no strings attached.