Ted R. Kurts for President of the United States of America Overview

( Revision 1.0.3  Last Updated on 05-12-04 ) 


Ted is a creative genius that all school teachers that Ted had exclaimed that Ted was the most creative student that these had ever taught or saw in their entire career.  This type of intelligence cannot be tested with standard IQ tests.  Ted can bring much to the table in creative intelligence and abilities and talents to the American people and US Government and Whitehouse.  

Ted went to Loma Linda University and then Graduate School there for a while and then went into Computers and Software where Ted was self taught in this and later founded and started up and successfully ran a complex software company that made and sold windowing and graphics and development and systems software.  Teds company sold much of this to the US Air Force and US Central Command and US Strategic Command and CIA and more in the US Government and was a critical supplier.  Teds company also sold to many Fortune 500 Companies and also companies world wide.  Ted also supplied AT&T with all of their windowing and graphical user interface software for a while.  Ted was well known and respected and had a very good reputation in the Computer and Software and Internet Industry and in the Silicon Valley in California USA and also world wide.  Ted ran this company for 7 years.  Then Ted started to get into other things including interests in Religion and Government and Politics. 

Ted can self teach things and is a quick study in certain things and can see things and connect the dots and correlate and extrapolate.  

Ted is very technical and argues that current and future Presidents of the United States of America cannot be only lawyers or political science majors or professional politicians or former military and these have to be much more technical now and visionary and see things.  

Ted does understand how to and can and does extrapolate 100 and 1000 and longer years into the future and therefore can plan for and prepare for and look and see into the future doing this.  Most US Presidential Candidates and US Presidents currently work on a 4 year basis mostly.  

Ted will GIVE the American citizens what these WANT and this includes LOWERING taxes and increasing programs to HELP them and increasing their lifestyles and more.  Ted will govern from Opinion Poles and HELP to GIVE the American Citizens what these WANT!  Ted has STRONG Religious Opinions that Ted and keep to self and govern giving the US Citizens what these WANT!  

Ted will solve your and the USA Terrorist problems and Ted does have a PLAN.  

Ted will ban the altering of Human Genetics on US Soil because these cannot make the tiniest living things from scratch and therefore how can these understand how to alter the genetics of complex humans.   These will make too many mistakes.  

Ted will ban Biotech on US Soil because these cannot make the tiniest living things from scratch and therefore how can these alter the Genetics of complex living things.  There are many altering our precious US Food Supplies.  The Star Link Corn disaster getting into Human food supplies is an example of how easily Biotech can and did and will get out of control.  These have and will make too many mistakes.  

Ted will preserve living things that are not Biotech on US Soil and in the BREAKTHROUGH IDEA that is EXCLUSIVELY from Ted and specified in detail also in Ted of Deep Underground Eco Enclosed Cities.  

Ted will build Deep Underground Eco Enclosed Cities that are Teds BREAKTHROUGH IDEA that Ted has SPECIFIED in detail that will defend from all Weapons of Mass Destruction Attacks and all Terrorist Attacks and all Conventional Attacks and from Disasters.  These are things that Ted has planned and figure out and specified in detail and that the USA did not have in any idea stage or in the slightest and that Ted sent to them for free without jerking them around and trying to bid this a US Government Contractor and make billions.  

Ted will and understands how to make the US Military far stronger and this is a PLAN that Ted has.  

Ted will put a ban on all drugs and pharmaceuticals that are found to cause any permanent damage to the brain and or body in the slightest and get these poisons under control. This is a large part of the health deterioration of Americans and soaring health costs and Ted is certain of this.  

Ted will get some of the food problems under control and help the American people out with their health and this by focusing more in diet and EDUCATION about DIET.  

Ted will help and does understand how to make stronger the FBI and CIA and US Military to fight Terrorist and Terrorism much more effectively.  




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