Quest Systems Corporation 

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Chapter 1 

1  Ted when Ted owned the software companies of Quest Systems and Quest Windows it was that Ted supplied very complex Windowing and Graphical User Interface and Systems software to the US Air Force and CIA and that included US Central Command and US Strategic Command and more in the US Military and was a small yet critical defense contractor and Ted broke Teds arms and legs to do the US many FAVORS and therefore Ted if you checked around would have and receive a STRAIGHT A Rating from them.  Ted was a civilian and is still like a War Hero and Veteran and Served HIS Country that Ted was born and raised in and is a US Citizen of.  Ted was and is a PATRIOT!  

2  This company was Bootstrapped and Started Up and Ramped Up by Ted and also with the help of Teds wife.  

3  Ted R. Kurts was raised by a very good Christian family and to be a Christian and went to Christian Churches and Christian Church Schools for Teds entire life. Ted went to Christian Elementary Schools and then Christian Academy and then Christian University and then Christian Graduate School. Ted most of the time did very well in school and was a good student.  These schools included Valley View Junior Academy and then Thunderbird Adventist Academy and then Loma Linda University and the La Sierra Campus for Undergraduate and then Loma Linda University and the Loma Linda Campus for Graduate School.  Ted took a medical curriculum and was completely self taught in Computers and Software and the Internet that Ted decided to get into for a serious hobby and then for a career and then started up a business.  If you check around some you will find out that Ted was the Founder and President and CEO of a very well respected Silicon Valley and California and United States of America based Software Company called Quest Systems Corporation and then later also Quest Windows Corporation in the Computer and Software and Internet Industry of mostly mainstream UNIX and X Windows and Open Look and Motif and Interviews and Graphical User Interface Builders and also had the first products in the industry of QuestSLIP and QuestPPP for UNIX Servers and Workstations for dialup Internet long before Windows or Linux or Free BSD had dial up Internet and before there was a large number of dial up accounts accessing the Internet.  These Quest companies were also leaders in C++ Products before C++ was mainstream.  Major customers included AT&T for ALL of their X Windows and Open Look and Motif Products and Sun Microsystems for QuestMotif before Sun offered any Motif and NASA and the US Air Force and the CIA and many Fortune 500 Companies and also many international companies.  Ted was enormously visible in the Computer and Software and Internet Industry in mainstream UNIX and was a mover and a shaker and had a large trade show booth and held Trade Shows quite often all over the USA and was very respected.  For a while some and also some that were Presidents of large UNIX Computer Server and Workstation and then UNIX software companies were thinking and some verbalizing that Quest was going to be the Microsoft of UNIX.  This was where this was going.  Ted for many years and this for over 7 years had the domain of  Ted R. Kurts was a very respected person in the Computer and Software and Internet Industry and was seen to be a visionary and ahead of many and a leader and leading edge.  Ted used to be rich and was well known in the Silicon Valley in California in the USA also.  




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